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The human body is made up of approximately 70% of water and it is essential for our health to drink a daily amount of minimum 1,5 liters of mineral water.

Experts of the latest investigations confirm that: “through the drinking water the human body is fed with important electrolytes/mineral salts, like magnesium and calcium, for the health”.

Unfortunately the tap water supplied in our houses is not analyzed nor purified properly. It contains chlorine, possibly heavy metals like lead and aluminum and also residues of medicaments, herbicides and hormonal disruptors.

That’s why a lot of people end up buying mineral water, hoping that the quality of bottled water is better than the tap water. The bottled water in plastic containers, are not only exposed to contamination of the proper plastic (hormonal disruptors), it has been also treated for it’s long duration. I would not call it a VITAL WATER anymore.

Instead we can filter our tap water naturally and ecologically, with the help of filters made of ACTIVE CARBON from coconut shell. The water flows without pressure through several layers. Chlorine, bad smells, heavy metals, drug residues, herbicides, pesticides, hormonal substances etc. are easily eliminated.

These filters can be installed in two forms:

  • top table filter: connected to the tap, easily installable
  • under sink filter: connected to cold water installation, directly into the existing tap or adding a extra small tap

The filter cartridges have a capacity for 5000 litres or depending on consumption, they can last between 6 to 9 months.

We offer three types of filter cartridges:


compound by coconut ACTIVE CARBON. Made in USA.

Effective against substances like pesticides, drug residues and hormonal substances. Decreases heavy metals like lead or copper and avoids completely the lime particles etc. as well as chlorine and bad smells & tastes.


compound by coconut ACTIVE CARBON, protector against lime and EM-pipes. Made in Germany.

This cartridge has the same properties as the ACTIVE CARBON (normal cartridge), but also contains a anti-lime protector which provides a wide protection against the residues of lime during the whole duration of the cartridge. The protecting granulate produces tiny crystals in which de hardening calcium is being stored. The recrystallized calcium is acting in a passive way and does not stick on surfaces. The center of the cartridge had grey EM-ceramic pipes integrated, which energize and vivificate the water. First the filtration and after the vivification.


compound by coconut ACTIVE CARBON and microfiltration with capillary membranes. Made in USA.

This cartridge is compound of two phases and is one of the most efficient filtrations by active carbon. The elimination of bacteria is by almost 99,99%. It eliminates nearly completely cysts (protozoos: they cause in mayor frequency of the outbreaks of diarrheal diseases transmitted through water), herbicides, pesticides, drug residues, estrogens and y hormone-like substances like phthalates etc. as well as chlorine and bad smells&tastes. This is the ideal cartridge for very sensitive and allergenic people.

The water filtration with active carbon offers us in a easy and efficient way our own mineral water – alive and healthy, rich in electrolytes/minerals, essential for our health. The PH of the water is not being changed (as it is with other systems like osmosis or filter jars), which should be over 7,5.

I recommend you only to add some fresh and natural lemon juice drops to your filtered mineral water in order to avoid the formation of kidney stones.

The price of home-filtered water is only € 0,03/liter (The prices of bottled water is between € 0,30 and € 0,70 per liter)

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